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The Ultimate Party Hair

Pump It

 Pump It Up

The ultimate party blow dry. Think big and bouncy, sexy and full of attitude. If you want textured hair that turns heads then this is the blow for you...

How to achieve:

Wash hair with Unleash Your Locks shampoo and lightly condition mid lengths and ends with Loving Your Locks conditioner.

Apply a small pump of Soothing Waves hair serum to finer hair and two pumps to thicker hair.  Gently comb through starting at the ends working your way to the roots evenly applying the serum.

Start rough drying the hair blasting the roots upwards and angles to create extra volume throughout the top and sides until hair is 80% dry.  Then part the back of the hair down the middle taking 1.5 to 2 inch sections on a slight angle through the back of the head.

Using a big round brush, start rolling these sections of the hair through the brush (with applied tension to create a better longer lasting curl) and blow dry from above. For frizzier thicker hair, concentrate on smoothing the cuticle before creating the curl for a sleeker professional finish.

After winding the curl through the brush gently unwind in the opposite direction and then wind the curl up into a roller and secure with clip to allow the curl to set. Continue this across your head.

When your hair is completely dry, start to take down the sections you did first and allow the curls to drop from the clips. Once all hair is down, tip the head upside down, shake it a little to mess up the style and add some texture.  Add a small amount  of Pump It, our hair plumping powder, to your roots and help lock in the volume before a quick blast of cool light air to tease into position.  Finish with another small application of Soothing Waves hair serum and smooth through ends of curls and a mist of Ruffle My Feathers Hair Shine Spray.

This style can be created on any length of hair, but looks particularly good on " the bob". Once a sleek shape, it now has movement and texture, bounce and a new lease of life.